After feeding two homeless kids in a restaurant, a man was shocked to see what he saw when the waiter brought him the bill.

A man surprised himself by what he saw on the bill the waiter brought him after treating two homeless children to lunch.

He sat down for a set lunch while gazing out the window. He didn’t have a ton of things to do for the first time in a long time, so he just wanted to take in the scenery. However, he was moved by two young children who were licking their lips at the window and watching how others ate. He decided to treat them, and the waiter then brought him the bill.

The older man was followed by two young kids. He handed them a menu and grinned as he enquired about their meal preferences. They tossed the menu aside in confusion and gestured to the dish he had selected for himself. He called the waiter and placed a second order for two of the same.

The brother and sister exchanged glances before starting to taste the soup, first cautiously as if they were afraid of something, and then fervently. The man felt that he deserved another coffee today because he had done something good, so he ordered ice cream for them for dessert. After the kids left for home, the man ordered himself another cup of coffee.

The waiter soon brought him the bill, and when he opened it, he was just astounded to see a note instead of the usual numbers: “It is impossible to save everyone! But today you managed to save two! I’ve had enough.

The man gave the note a long look before taking it with him. He was now certain that the good was also coming back to him like a boomerang.

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