Stunning breasts and a beaming smile: Airport photographers captured Angelina Jolie

Why is the actress, 47, so depressed and pale? What’s the connection between Brad Pitt’s happiness and this?

The FBI has formally concluded its investigation into Angelina Jolie’s argument with Brad Pitt on an airplane, albeit she has been at the acceptance stage for the previous few days. The plot revolves around a scandal from years ago in which Pitt spanked Jolie after her kid defended her during a fight between the celebrity couple.

Angie, 47, has undergone a noticeable alteration in recent film that was released today, February 20. Apart from her dreary grey and black wardrobe, Jolie has stopped worrying about how she looks. The actress’s curls resemble a loofah; they are dry, weak, and appear to be as unhealthy as possible. It is obvious from her extreme dieting that this is why. Also, Angelina had plastic surgery in the past to have her mouth made smaller because of a serious lip deformity. A famous person who had Botox as he aged added volume to his skin when the tissues started to weaken. She eventually acquired the mouth of a duck.

As Jolie approaches her midlife crisis, it is possible that her despair is also brought on by a sense of being unimportant. While Brad Pitt has a new profession and a thriving relationship, Angelina is still alone and regarded as Hollywood’s “bitch.”


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