Vocal prodigy leaves ‘Got Talent’ judges in a daze, ”She is not normal!”

A stunning event occurred on Holland Got Talent (HGT) when a small girl performed Nessun Dorma to absolute perfection. An exceptional opera performance that will honor Giacomo Puccini.

The great operatic vocalist Luciano Pavarotti comes to mind when you hear the song “nessun dorma.” When Amira Willighagen unleashed a thunderous, heavenly voice that sent chills across the entire stage, the song took on a new melody.

Amira Willighagen
She began her journey with great poise. a deep, low tone is used to end the song’s opening phrase. Amira was extending her arms and softly swinging while exercising impeccable breath control.

Willighagen, Amira

One could hear the backing vocalists, who sounded like the army of heaven, as she began the third stanza. The judges and audience were in awe at this point.

With the audience’s attention, Amira continued to sing while her harmonies ignited the audience. She had the entire world singing along to her every word and every action.

A pause followed. She breathed deeply as she got ready for the decisive battle while keeping her eyes closed. one that rendered the crowd dumbfounded. The backup singers gracefully held the moment while harmonizing their vocals.

The little girl started off on such a high note. with all of her power and breath, singing. In a flawless crescendo, Amira sang the final line of Nessun Dorma, beautifully prolonging the note.


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