“Wedding Anniversary” skit from The Carol Burnett Show has an unexpected twist

The drama on “The Carol Burnett Show” featured Carol Burnett and Tim Conway as a couple who go back to their wedding destination in Mexico. Ten years after their initial stay, they still have the exact same room and still question its quality.

They get into bed, kiss each other goodnight, and turn out the lights. Song cries out, “Henry, Henry!” as her eyes widen. Something merely snaked across me. Tim, who is assuming the role of Henry, informs her that it is just her imagination.

When Tune asks him to switch on the light, he responds, “It’s right there!” while pointing to Carol’s feet. She shouts and jumps up, and he quickly informs her that he is joking. She finally hits the sack in a fit of rage.

Tune loses it once again and hollers that she almost stepped on the dresser as she sits on top of it. Where? Henry asks as he casts a quick glance around. Henry attempts to punch the monster after recognizing it.

He applies something to it and then admits that it is antiperspirant. As they return to the bed, he puts it in a cup and leaves it there. Carol asks Henry to check to see whether the cup is still there when he again turns out the lights.

As Carol cries once again, they hear the glass smash and the lights turn on. Perhaps it’s expressing resentment, Henry! she yells. Bugs have been known to express resentment! “Don’t move,” she screams.

Henry is advised to go outside after she informs him that it is on the back of his neck. She locks him out after he rearranges out in fear. After that, he counsels her to provide him access, which she does. The two of them get back into bed, but this time Henry has a massive lizard on his back. Before Carol even notices it, the audience laughs aloud. Carol glances at it and immediately faints. The entire sketch is hilarious from beginning to end.


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