Sick Woman Says Goodbye to Her Beloved Horse And Dogs For The Last Time From Her Hospice Bed

This story shows how important animals are to us and how they can form unique bonds with animals of different species.

Jan Holman is a 68-year-old woman who used to live in a hospital but now stays at the Hospice of the Good Shepherd in Chester, England. She is very sick and her life will soon come to an end. She got all the attention she needed, but she missed her horses Bob and Monty and Rowley and her dogs Monty and Rowley.

The woman said that Bob was a very important part of her life and that she had been riding him up until the day before she went to the hospital. After seeing Jan’s trouble, the staff decided to surprise her by adding her three animal friends to the list of guests. This led to a happy get-together. The staff at the hospice finished getting ready before taking Jan to the entrance to the courtyard to give him the sweet surprise.

Jan knew that her horse was hers. When he got there, the people who work at the Thornleigh Park Farm Stables, where Bob lives freely, were with him. Even though she couldn’t get out of bed, the woman’s face showed that she was happy, especially when she thought about the chance of seeing Bob again. Bob sat on Jan’s lap and immediately stroked her neck, putting his head through the door so that Jan could touch him.

He also liked the apples, bananas, and carrots that she gave him because they were sweet. She was so happy that her face shone. Jan says: ,,I was still riding Bob every day up until a few weeks ago. He’s a pretty important part of my life, and I’ve missed him a lot.” Monty and Rowley, her two puppies, came and slept by her bed, which was the best part of the emotional reunion.


Jan hadn’t been able to say goodbye to her dogs before she went to the hospital, so she was happy to see them again. Thanks to the great staff at the hospice, Mrs. Jan was able to enjoy the touching reunion and find the strength to keep fighting. Jan saw what he did next: ,,I can’t believe how much the staff at the hospice did for me.”

Several photos taken by staff show Jan’s happy reunion with her three dogs and the exact time she spent with them. The woman and her family knew that her two dogs might come to visit, but they didn’t expect to be able to choose whether or not to take Bob. She and her husband are thankful for this, especially since she has been able to get more visitors since moving to the hospice.

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