Sick Stray Dog Offering Paw To Strangers And Ask Them To Save Her Friend And Herself

In Romania, a stray and rough dog approached strangers and offered his paw to be rescued. The strangers were from Ray Animal Rescue and had been looking for the dog for over an hour! So they put both dogs in the car and drove away, writes ilovemydog.

They went to the veterinarian to be examined and treated. Elsie suffered from a skin disease and her skin was very pink and sore. She would need a medical bath in about two months. Hugo was healthy and immediately found a new home, but it was different for poor Elsa.

This adorable girl had to undergo further treatment as she was not liked by many dogs because of her size. But after about six months, the dog looked completely different! That’s when foster parents Andreea and Maria stepped in. They were only supposed to take her for a few days, but when the foster family arrived, they couldn’t let her go. Elsie was able to go straight from foster care to her permanent home!

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