Mother Protects Her Newborn Puppies After Their Owner Dumps Them All On a Dirt Road

In Atascosa County, Texas, a cruel person left a mother dog and her newborn puppies on the side of a dirt road. It was a cold day, and if these newborn puppies had been left outside, they would not have lasted long.

They were found in time, though, and Atascosa County Animal Control was called for help. Officers came right away to get the family and take them back to their clinic so they could get medical care.

The mother dog’s eye had a small infection and needed eyedrops to help it get better. After that, she and her puppies were put to sleep in a warm kennel with soft blankets. Puppy Pleasers, a rescue group that works with ACACA, stepped up to help and took the mother and her puppies in. They promised to keep the family together until the puppies were old enough to stop eating their mother. They will also keep treating the eye infection that the mama has. Once the puppies are old enough and the mom dog is fully better, they will all go to loving homes where they will stay for the rest of their lives.

Since then, ACAC has started a criminal probe to find out who dumped these poor dogs. The person is being charged with Animal Cruelty by Abandonment, which is a crime.

Please call Atascosa County Animal Control at 830-769-2341 if you know anything about who might have done this.
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