Great Dane adopts an orphan fawn and an amazing special friendship arose between them

Animals are so kind-hearted that they can make friends even with other animal species. Especially dogs are known for this feature.

Isobel Springett was a famous photographer who found a little fawn In Vancouver Island. The little fawn was wandering near her house for 2-3 days. The fawn was helplessly roaming nearby and the woman understood that she lost her mother.

So Isobel took her and began her attentive care. She named her Pippin. And the next step was to introduce the fawn to her pet Kate. Kate was a Great Dane who loved the fawn at first sight.

Their friendship was pricelessas Kate adopted the orphaned Pippin woth the understanding that she should take care of the little one.

When Pip was 2 months old it is time to be released to her natural habitat. Kate was so sad that she should be separated from her little fawn. Pippin was released to the wild but she could’t stay there for a long time the next day Pippin was back to meet her lovely friend Kate.

Kate was extremely happy to meet her friend again. Their friendship is so touching Isobel’s brother Martin Springett wrote a book named “Kate and Pippin: A unlikely love story”.

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