Woman marries millionaire hermit 25 years her senior: after his death, she discovers he left her nothing

Some people think that money makes them lead a luxurious life but they don’t understand yet that it doesn’t make them happy at all.

Que Devient Sandrine Devillard Amphoux

Sandrine Devillard was a glamorous Parisian who ran a business and always dressed impressively. She also had a real estate agency. However, it was not enough for her and she made up her mind to marry a millionaire hermit with the second thought that he would give his money to her after death. But not everything went as smoothly as she had planned before getting married.

HAUTES-ALPES. Mort de Marcel Amphoux : le conducteur relaxé

Marcel Amphoux was a gap-toothed, eccentric farmer who lived in the French alpine village of Puy-Saint-Pierre. He had lands and was thought to have millions but he didn’t lead a luxurious life.

Sandrine wanted to buy one of Marcel’s land which, in his turn, denied to sell. So Sandrine called him on a date and made a great impression on him. Soon they announced that they were getting married and Sabrina told that he fell in love. However, no one believed this.

HAUTES-ALPES. Lourde peine pour la veuve de Marcel Amphoux et ses  co-prévenus

They went to spend their honeymoon in Paris but Marcel was not stisfied with teh city and returned home soon. He announced taht he was not sure about their marriage and Sandrine though another plan. In April 2012, she released a music video. There she sang a song called «L’appel Du Soleil» (The Call of the Sun). The footage showed Devillard dancing in the alpine meadows.

HAUTES-ALPES. Lourde peine pour la veuve de Marcel Amphoux et ses  co-prévenus

Even after this touching step Marcel didn’t see her young wife very often. In November 2012, Marcel was involved in a car accident, and unluckily teh hermit died. Sandrine appearad on his funeral dressed in black. Soon the hermit’s will was found promising nothing to his young and beautiful wife.

Sandrine told taht this was not his handwriting but the prosecutor Raphael Balland declared that handwriting experts had already confirmed. The man left his millions to pass to a cousin and the cottages to be bequeathed to the current tenants.

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