Woman helps baby ducks cross busy highway to find their mother

Do you know the answer to “Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, all of us know, but do you have the answer for why this mama duck crossed the road?

Baby ducks crossing road

A woman and her baby notice a mama duck crossing a busy road with her ducklings very carefully and captured the moment.

The ducks were spotted on a foggy day in Wisconsin. Though the cars were passing very fast the mama duck intended very seriously to take her ducklings to the other side of the road. She managed to cross the busy road and jumped on the curb. But there was a great problem the curb was high and the ducklings couldn’t jump too.

Here the woman rushed to help them. She took the ducklings one by one and they again followed their attentive mom.

Baby ducks crossing road

This is a good lesson for all the moms who are crossing the roads with their children with their headphones or earphones on. Being attentive and waiting until your children cross sooner than you is very vital.

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