Wife Leaves Man with 98% Body Burns with 2 Daughters — He Refuses to Give Up and Raises Them Alone

Chris Tomlinson was a born fighter who had to go through various difficulties.

Tomlinson burnt 98% of his body in 1986 and the doctors didn’t give him a chance. But the man proved that he could overcome these hardships and could be a perfect man and a father.

When doctors told him that he couldn’t have children Tomlinson proved the opposite again. Soon he became a father to two adorable daughters. But life prepared another turmoil for Christ. His wife left him leaving with two little girls.

Tomlinson couldn’t find proper work as employers refused him because of his appearance. So he decided to open a page on social media and tell his life story. Many netizens got touched by his story and started supporting the man. Soon he was able to buy a house and raise his daughters properly.

This is how a man whose life is full of surprises and difficulties can prove that nothing matters if you have a wish.

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