Dog hunches over in fear after being left by somebody who promised him love THREE times

You may think that animals being adopted from the sanctuaries soon will have a bright and happy life. But it is not the whole truth as they can easily be returned to their old cages at the sanctuaries.

Finn Alexander, a Chihuahua was traumatized by human ruthlessness. This dog was returned to the sanctuary 3 times after a long time living with new families.

Finn was rescued in 2014 and was taken to the Dallas sanctuary ( USA). He got everything he needed there and soon was ready to get an adopter. He was soon transformed into his new house and the sanctuary hoped for the best for the cute Finn. But everything was not that positive.

In 2019, after 5 years Finn was returned to the sanctuary. But things got worse when the dog was abandoned for the third time. Finn was found in a little box. In 2021 Denton Pet Sanctuary took Finn in. Finn was terrified and teh staff had to work harder to regain the dog’s trust and make him believe again.

All the sanctuary staffs where Finn has been wished him best luck as he deserves this. As the poor dog suffered a great deal teh futue owners should be examined even stricter as it is a dog and not a toy that you can throw away when you want.

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