The woman found a barely alive kitten and took care of it. After a while he thanked the owner

When an old woman found a cat and brought the cat home she thought that she found a cute pet.

The grandchildren were happy that their grandmother had a new and loyal friend. The cat even frightened the robbers trying to steal the grandmother’s pension.

When the robber entered the cat jumped and managed to make various injuries. The man even died at the hospital a few hours later. The police investigated and found out that it was not a usual cat but a wild manul. These predators are very dangerous and don’t come closer to people. But this one found comfort in grandmother’s house.

The woman fed her well and everyone thought that it was her diet that made her so big but it became clear soon that it was her genes and excessive fur. Usually, these wild cats are not too aggressive toward people but when it is needed to protect their home the cat can easily attack.

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