Once Crammed in a Car with Multiple Other Birds, Sweet Cockatiel Now Has a Home, and a Girlfriend

Forrest, the cockatiel missed part of his beak and part of his toe. The poor bird was rescued by Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue 12 years ago.

But with the help of kind-hearted caretakers, the bird got well soon and felt better. Soon he was also adopted by Heather Hohlowski. He claimed that the bird had many injuries including his wing injury and his feathers couldn’t grow back. So the bird was grounded and couldn’t fly.


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Heather had a pearl-pied cockatiel named Peanut-who won Forrest’s heart immediately. Soon they became friends and shared everything. The injured bird, having no options to find an adopter now has both a caring owner and a loyal feathered friend.

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