Saying Goodbye To The 2-Legged Dog That Inspired The World

This poor puppy named Faith passed away at the age of 12. He lived a happy life due to the kind-hearted people. Almost dying on her first day on earth Faith proved that life still goes on.

Faith was born with two healthy back legs and vets suggested that she should be euthanized. But the Stringfellow Family wanted to help the dog to overcome the difficulties that life had prepared for her.

The family began the usual training for the dog so that he could learn to use her back legs properly. They encouraged the dog with a spoon of peanut butter and made her walk this way.

Soon Faith began hopping on her back legs instead of crawling and became a perfect example for all injured animals and people too. During her life Faith has visited more than 2,000,000 soldiers throughout the world at active bases and 2,300 wounded soldiers.

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