Clever Rescue Pup Plays Hide And Seek With Dad

Many pets like to play with their owners various games. But most of all they like playing hide and seek. Lola is no exception.

Dutch, Lola’s owner, told that he rescued the pup from someone’s yard at a very early age.

When he discovered a litter of puppies in the yard there was also a note hanging on their head; “Puppies looking for a good home.”

So he chose Lola and decided to give her the best he could for a happy and healthy life.

When Dutch began Lola’s daily care he noticed that the dog had a unique trait. Lola loved to hide from the very first day. She was hiding from fear and anxiety and then she began hiding just for fun.

Lola was master at hiding and soon hide and seek became the favorite leisure of both Lola and Dutch.

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