Teen finds dying horse trapped in the woods

Kelsey was traveling with her mom when they noticed something unusual on their road. A mare was lying on the grass motionless.

Mother and daughter stopped their trailer to check what was wrong with the horse. When they approached the horse was still lying and didn’t want to stand and run. The duo found some whip marks on her body and understood that the poor mare had been treated outrageously before. So they pitied the animal a lot and decided to care for her.

Kelsey named her Sonny. They tried to make the horse get in their trailer but the efforts were to no avail. However, Kelsey was too worried about the horse and wanted to hel her how difficult it could seem. The teenager tried to lure the horse and after a while she managed to coax Sonny to get home.

Mother and daughter took the mare to their house. The horse felt that she was in safe hands and as soon as they reached home she slept for 5 days. However, Kelsey and her mother were frightened and Kelsey kept praying for Sonny. And her prayers were answered as the horse woke up and soon felt better. Kelsey and Sonny had a strog bond and understood each other perfectly.

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