Lovable dog Bruno who runs 4 miles every day to greet town residents becomes local legend

Just like other dogs, Bruno likes to make friends with human beings. But he shares love not only with those whom he has already known but also with strangers.

Bruno likes adventures and makes his way to Longville every day. He walks 4 miles from his home to Longville every day to say hi to all the residents of the town.

The dog has been doing this for over 12 years. Bruno was a stray dog until his owner Larry LaVallee met him on the driveway. he brought Bruno home and they made a strong bond together. Larry was worried about his dog’s everyday walks as he could have been hit by a car. So he decided to put an end to his adventures. But it was worthless as the dog was eager about his everyday roamings.

So the dog continued as he had done before. The residents like the dog so much that they even decided to carve a statue of him. Longville knows Bruno very well. He likes to visit the library, offices, ice cream shops, grocery shops, and the city hall.

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