Woman Comes Home From Business Trip And Discovers Contractors Plastered Her Cat Into The Wall

If you have a cat or a dog at home you can’t go out whenever you want. They will starve to death if you live with them for a long time. But people have created automatic food and water dispenser for such situations.

Ashlin Hadden had a 3-day business trip and had to leave her cat alone. She put the automatic food and water dispenser and the cat had everything she needed. Ashlin also decided to redo her bathroom. So the contractors came to the house to do their work. They did their work perfectly but one thing was not ok.

When Ashlin returned home she couldn’t find her cat Stripes anywhere in the house. Soon she heard some noises coming from the plastered wall. So she understood that the cat was trapped there. She cracked the wall and ake the cat out. Though the workers had perfectly done their work they were a bit inattentive to the cat as they let him in.

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