He’s happy: the rescued cat cannot believe that he is alive and free.

The little black cat couldn’t have imagined that he would use one of his 9 lives sooner or later.

A black cat named Porsche was found entangled by a 10-feet-long Python under the bushes. Porsche was the cat of the builders working in Samut Prakan, central Thailand.

When the builders heard some noises they approached the bushes and found their 4-year-old cat entangled in the huge Python. Porsche was about to suffocate but after some blows, Python surrendered leaving the motionless cat there.

Onlooker Khun Srisawat told that he saw that the cat was still alive and helped him as the kind man could. He began to do a chest massage which was equal to CPR. And it worked perfectly. Soon the cat was ready to return to his tabby friend and have a full bowl of water and fresh fish.


Here is the link to the rescue video.

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