Little puppy was found under the bridge with mouth taped shut and he was saved thanks to a caring man

Sometimes our slightest changes of mind can change someone’s fate forever.

Bob Hoelter was living in Griffin. Usually, he went to the store by car but on that day he changed his mind and walked.

When the man was walking o  a small bridge he heard some heartbreaking whines coming under the bridge. The man heard carefully and found who made those sounds.

It was a little, frustrated puppy who looked at the man with begging eyes. The poor dog’s mouth was wrapped in tape. The man took the pup immediately to the veterinary clinic where it turned out that the puppy had several health problems. So the vets began their work and gave the pup everything needed.

The pup attracted many residents with his heart-touching story. Soon a couple showed great interest and wanted to adopt him. They lost their pup several months ago and wanted someone who would comfort them. Loui, the pup, got adopted by a kind couple who wanted to thank the man who saved the dog.

They, fortunately, found him, and when they wanted to thank them another miracle happened. Loui somehow recognized his savior and rushed to him as soon as he saw the man. He started kissing him and showing his gratitude.

If that man had gone by car that day this puppy would have had another fate. “After this situation, I understand that God has plans for everyone. We all have a calling,” said Mr. Hoelter. “Now I will have to walk more often…”

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