Cheeky Bird Knocks Everything Over With No Regrets

If you have a bird in your house then you will probably know that it can be extremely naughty and mischievous.


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Публикация от Hubert (@hubertthebird)

They have strong personalities that no one can change. Mr. Hubert is one of those birds.

Netizens adore almost everything that the bird’s owner share on social media. One of his videos even gained 4 million views. The bird had a habit of knocking everything around him over. In the video below he dances before he will knock the cake mix over. So he does it on purpose and is proud of his deed in the end. Enjoy his funny video below.

@hubertthebird I’m Hubert and I’m BAD! #caique #caiques #parrot #parrots #funnybird #funnyparrot #pets #pet #funnypets #whitebelliedcaique #thedodo ♬ Bad – Michael Jackson

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