Feel the love as Dolly the cow greets her beloved dad

Papa loved the cows passing next to his fence. And each time he responded very gently.

Cows felt the love coming from the old man and couldn’t stay indifferent too. One of the cows named Dolly made a special bond with Papa. The poor cow lost her mother when she was still a calf and Papa was there to console her.

The old man petted her and gave her love and great attention. So he raised Dolly from calf to cow and returned her to his neighbor.

Even the Dolly grew up Papa didn’t forget about her and visited the cute cow when he had a chance.

@milanda_campbell_raines Papa & Dolly will warm your heart ❤️ #grandpasoftiktok #cowsoftiktok #fypシ ♬ original sound – Milanda_LuLu_DogMom ❤️?

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