Rescuer locates ‘broken’ pittie puppy and jumps to help her

It is extremely devastating that people who love their pets and keep them for a long time decide to leave them for no reason. At that time the poor pets feel lonely and depressed, and lose their trust in other people too. They think that all the people will be similar to their former owners.

 Recently a lady named Charlene found a broken pittie who couldn’t even move. The kind lady approached and gave her food and water in a bowl.

Though the lady thought that the dog should be paralyzed the pittie had the strength yet to overcome the difficulties that life had prepared for her. She was named Willow. The dog had a long recovery journey. But her positive energy helped her overcome any hardship on her way.

The caretakers loved her a lot as she was a cute and kind dog and had a great desire to live. Soon a suit was made for her to help her move her back legs. Charlene tried to find a foster home for her as Willow should come closer to people and other dogs too to forget her pain. A kind-hearted couple fostered Willow and the dog enjoyed her new funny life there.

The dog began to swim more often which helped her to strengthen her back legs. Soon the dog was able to run and have fun while swimming. The couple was so bonded with Willow that they didn’t imagine their life without her anymore. So it was a foster failure which was the best gift for Willow.

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