UPS driver stops to save two dogs from drowning in a pool

Some people have the opportunity to become heroes every day. These people are often delivery drivers as they can appear in some places where no one is around. They can notice something when the house owners aren’t at home.

Recently a UPS driver saved two canines from drowning in a pool. His name was Colin Mitchell. He was dropping off a package for a family in Ireton, Iowa when he noticed that two dogs needed his help ASAP. The dogs had gotten over the homeowner’s locked pool gate, and were struggling to stay afloat.

The driver knocked but no one opened so he got into the house by a fence to save the dogs’ lives. One of the dogs who was a bit smaller was named Groot and it was easy to take him out. But the other one named Remington was weighing 90 pounds and t was hard to pull the dog out. But the kind-hearted driver managed to.

After some days the owners checked their cameras and saw how the driver saved the lives of their dogs. They thanked the kind man for his bravery.

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