Dog With Crushed Front Paw Rescued And Put An End To His Pain

The poor dog named Judo was hit by a car and was left there with a leg fracture. Fortunately, the canine was soon rescued by RRSA India and was given a second chance for a better life.

The leg’s fractures were very serious so the dog was moved to a specialized veterinary hospital to do an operation on the leg.

Unfortunately, it was too late to heal the dog and the vets had to amputate the leg. However, this was not the main cause for the dog to become sad. Even with his 3 legs Judo would fing a loving family and friends as he had a playful and positive character.

This is what happens to any animal who will get its medical help a bit later. If Judo would have taken to the hospital on time his leg might not be amputated. Be attentive to the stray animals more often and take responsibility after you hurt them. If not the loss can touch your heart too.

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