Kindest stray pup helps kids cross the street every day

Kupata was a good-natured stray dog who loved to help children in his street cross the street.

The dog was living in Batumi and was completing his job with great pleasure and responsibility. Every day this stray would stand by the crosswalks and wait for the children to come and cross the street. The dog was enthusiastically guiding them through the whole road.

Tamta & Beqa was living in the neighborhood where the dog was “on work” every day and was attentively watching how kind was the dog to the passers-by. They filmed him and shared it on social media to show the world how kind could stray dogs be. They wanted to prove that all stray dogs could be kind if they felt loved and protected. The neighborhood of Kupata was too kind to the dog and the dog returned all the love in this unique way.

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