Dog-loving husband talks wife into adopting a stressed cat

Bug was a stressed cat living in a shelter. The cat was so stressed that he would press his face to the cage bar for hours and stay in that position for a long time.

So the shelter manager called an animal lover named Rachel to ask her for fostering the stressed cat. As Rachel had already got two cats she was hesitating whether to take Bug or not. But there her husband James stepped in.

Though the man was a dog lover he wanted to help the cat as much as they could. So the couple fostered the cat. Bug was very glad to meet his new foster family and to everyone’s surprise, the cat wasn’t feeling depressed or sad. He was roaming in his new house and playing with his feline siblings. The cat was happy that he was freely walking on the premises and was finally out of his cage.

This is how a dog-lover man surprised everyone and saved a cat from a depressive situation by giving him a bit of love and attention.

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