Mother Duck Standing Near Tunnel Crying For Help To Save Her Babies

When a woman heard some noises coming from a drainage tunnel she couldn’t stay indifferent. She entered the tunnel to check what was happening there when she encountered a mother duck standing on a wall. The poor mother was searching for her ducklings and was crying for help.

The woman tried to find them but the water was too deep so she called for help. Dan Martin, a local wildlife rescuer, came to rescue the lost ducklings.

After thorough searching, the man could eventually find the ducklings. One of them couldn’t make it all but the others were safe and sound. Martin took them and they all came out of the tunnel. The man put them in a plastic tank and wanted to take them home when he noticed that the desperate mom was there waiting for them.

So Martin left the ducklings on the grass and watched how the family reunited. It was a touching moment and Martin was happy that he managed to fulfill his mission.

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