Farmer secures the deal of a lifetime after refusing to compromise his morals for the “Shark Tank” judges.

It’s simple to overlook the fact that there are values other than money. Which is why I’m constantly encouraged by folks that put up a lot of effort to safeguard the environment and assist others in saving money so they may support themselves better. And this is especially true for farmers, who work really hard just to provide us with food. So I didn’t care if the “Shark Tank” panel of entrepreneurs weren’t initially interested in the Christian irrigation farmer Johnny Georges from Florida when he appeared. This man has heart, spirit, and a thought that might benefit tens of thousands of farmers all throughout the country.

Georges appeared on the program to beg the panel for a $150,000 investment in his “Tree T-Pee” business. His creation revolutionizes plant irrigation and helps farmers annually conserve thousands of gallons of water. The only issue is George’s business strategy. He spends $2.95 to produce each “Tree T-Pee,” yet he only receives $4.50 for each one.

When the judges realized this, they suggested that Georges increase the cost of his goods to around $12. Georges and investors would be able to profit from this, and they would also be able to scale the business and reach every prospective customer in America.

However, Georges’ consumers are not your typical customers. Since they are farmers, Georges won’t overcharge them. Georges appeared very anxious when he conveyed this. He jerked his head from side to side as tears began to form.

One investor left right away. But just as Georges was about to give up hope, another judge offered to put the entire $150,000 into the deal. In addition to the goods, he commended Georges’ strong character, convictions, and spirit.

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