J. Lo wore an outfit with nothing underneath, and it’s very noticeable

J. Lo wore an outfit with nothing underneath, and it’s very noticeable

Jennifer Lopez again with a spectacular exit!

Recently, the Hollywood beauty appeared at a private party. Journalists were not invited to it, so the singer decided to take a photo of her bow herself.

Jenny wore an elegant suit of a skirt and a crop top for the evening. On top of that, the artist threw on a leather jacket, which was even shorter than the top. It all looked like this.

Jennifer Lopez snapped at her husband, actor Ben Affleck, at the Grammys when he was bored and couldn’t hide it. And now the lip-reading expert even knew exactly what she was telling him. The Daily Mail writes about it.

The Grammy Awards ceremony took place last night in Los Angeles and brought together a lot of stars. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, of course, were also present, J. Lo even signed the post dedicated to this appearance with the words

“The best time with my beloved,” but Affleck, as usual, could not hide that he was bored to death.

Ben: Babe, how long do we have to stay?

Jen: I told you sweetie, we’ll leave once Queen B sings.
Ben: Say what now?

It turned out that his mood did not remain a secret for Lopez, who pulled him down during the awards and made a severe reprimand.

A lip-reading expert pinpointed exactly what the singer said to her husband when he began to fidget, get bored and try to say something in her ear.

“Stop, be more friendly! Try to look motivated!” Jennifer Lopez told Ben Affleck. He finally complied, sat up straight and tried to look like he was told.

But not too successful, as photos of his bored face have already gone viral on social networks. Also, Jennifer and Ben were clearly embarrassed when they realized that their little skirmish was filmed.

Commenters on TikTok watching this moment joked that now Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, is eating popcorn at home, and thinks to herself: “Honey, now he’s your problem.”

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