How the actors from the movie «Blue Lagoon» look 40 years later

It’s hard to believe that the movie «Blue Lagoon» was released 40 years ago.

The romantic story of young people on a desert island was the start of Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins’ career. At the time of filming Brooke was only 14 years old.

The beautiful appearance and perfect figure of the girl predicted the success of this film, and it turned out so. After the release of «Blue Lagoon» Brooke was recognized as the most beautiful young actress.


Now she is a professional, popular actress with 40 years of experience under her belt. Brooke gave birth to two children, but managed to keep the perfect figure.


Christopher is now 59 years old and has become a successful producer and screenwriter. For his role in «Blue Lagoon» he was nominated for the Golden Globe in 1980.


Atkins has also starred in multiple TV series, as well as for Playgirl. Today he is the owner of a pool installation company and a sports store.

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