A little girl who experienced bullying has gone on to become a supermodel.

Perhaps childhood is the most delightful and joyful time of life for everyone, but for some children, this period was characterized by anxieties, depression, and other negative emotions that had a profound impact on their whole lives. The girl in today’s piece makes reference to these kids because she wants to erase childhood memories from her mind. And her peculiar look was the cause of this. The newborn girl had an odd face that appeared to have been flattened. Ilka Brühl’s school years were characterized by constant anguish, mockery, and humiliation.
A little girl who experienced bullying has gone on to become a supermodel.

She was self-conscious and never had any friends or girlfriends. The youngster had plastic surgery over time, but it had little impact on how she looked. It was challenging to treat her congenital facial deformity. She had two options: she could learn to live with her exceptional looks and attempt to lead a regular life, or she could remain alone and suppress her feelings. Ilka chose the first possibility. She accepted an invitation to participate in a picture session from a photographer she had known since she was a youngster, not even considering the potential outcomes.

The end product was a huge online success since so many users were impressed by the girl’s beauty. An unique girl caught the attention of advertising firms, and Ilka had multiple offers of collaboration from them.

Because photographers each have their own definition of beauty, a lucky accident transformed the “ugly duckling” into a well-known model. The audience is more drawn to the uncommon “alien” beauty among the sea of attractive and well-known faces that are all somewhat similar to one another.

Perhaps Ilka’s example will encourage other girls who don’t fit the mold to love and believe in themselves and to see themselves from a different perspective—that of a creative person.

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