German Shepherds who have an unshakable relationship fiercely cling to one another in a shelter

As pack animals, dogs. One of the reasons kids develop such deep bonds to others is because of this. Dogs do, however, occasionally develop these ties with other canines of the same species.

If a dog lives in a home with another dog, this may occur. They may occasionally develop a bond while living in a shelter.

‘Bonded dogs’ can be exemplified by Apollo and Adonis.
Brothers Adonis and Apollo hugged and clutched each other tightly when their owner gave them up since they didn’t know what the future held for them. Maybe they had a feeling they were going to one of the high-kill shelters in Texas.

When Cindy Droogmans, the owner of the Long Island-based A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs, first encountered the two pups, they were so terrified that they were shivering.

Adonis and Apollo didn’t have to remain in that unsettling spot for very long because of Droogmans’ planning.

Droogmans learned the exact reason why their owner abandoned the two boys at the shelter when she took them to her veterinarian in Huntington, New York.
Like the majority of dogs in Texas, they are likely abandoned because they have heartworms, according to Droogmans, who spoke to The Dodo. They are currently receiving complete care.

These adorable tiny friends stayed attached despite their difficulties, always clutching and caressing each other for solace. Each of the dogs would typically be placed in a household by the Droogmans.

Nonetheless, she was determined to find a permanent home that will take them both in after realizing how delightfully close these two are.
A bonded pair is never easy to place, but have a look at them, she remarked. How could they possibly be divided up?

Happily, the tale of Apollo and Adonis has a happy conclusion.
Applications to adopt the pair flooded in after their picture became popular online. They were placed in a forever home together through adoption.

“For the brothers Apollo and Adonis, we received a lot of applications. They became popular online. The adoptive boys will soon go for their enduring home. Of the numerous dogs we rescued from the same high kill facility, Apollo and Adonis are just one couple. Arenze and Albaco should be considered if you like brothers. They are also pups and urgently require a home where they will receive the love and life they deserve, according to the shelter’s statement.

Following the adoption of the dogs, Droogmans spoke with Bored Panda. She said that they were getting used to their new surroundings. A worried Apollo got out shortly after they arrived, which

was a dangerous moment. Luckily, they were able to locate him within 24 hours.

Droogmans added, “The tracking team performed a great job. “I was inconsolable and trembling all over. He and his brother have returned.

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