The dog heroically defended his young owner from robbers

Javier Mercado, 16, a resident of Des Moines, Washington, told the reporters that if not for his brave dog Rex he would have probably been shot.

Recently burglars broke into Mercado’s apartment his dog was there to protect him. Though the robbers shot several times it didn’t stop or even frighten Rex. The robbers shot the dog 4 times with their guns but even this didn’t make the dog give up.

So Xavier heard the shots from his room and understood what happened. Though it was extremely difficult for him to stay in the room for so long and hear the shots he still kept silent. However, the robbers fled from the apartment as they couldn’t stand the dog’s attacks.

After the robbers had left the police arrived. The wounded dog rushed to the room where Xavier was to check if the boy was ok.

Rex had various injuries and Xavier told the story on GoFundMe. They needed $10,000, but in one day alone, they managed to raise more than 30,000 and almost 60,000 in three days. So Rex began his treatment and now he is being healed.

These stories prove to the world that dogs are the real-life heroes of our times.

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