Beach Sand Drawings That Are Between 30 And 100 Meters Wide

The man’s name is Jben and he has been drawing these wonderful sand drawings since 2013. He is using rakes.

As the man lived on the French West coast in Royan he had several beaches that are near his house. So he had the material and all that Jben needed was a creative mind and rakes. After he finishes his artworks he takes photos of the sand drawings with a drone.

Mandala Rocheux

This fantastic hobby has become Jben’s full-time job since 2015. He started making personalized designs for people, companies, or organizations.

Baleine Fossile

The drawings not only help the man gain money and fame but also he wants to bring some reveries to people’s everyday lives with my photos and videos.

Sonic Anniversary

You can find more information on the artist’s Instagram page.

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