Missing Dog Survives 7 Nights On Ledge After Falling From Cliff

Everyone who has a pet knows that one of the most horrible things is when your animal goes missing.

Luna was one of those missing dogs who made her owner crazy from the first minute she had been lost. The dog was lost in the Highlands, British Columbia area when he dared away to chase an animal and never returned home.

Days passed and Luna’s mom checked that the temperatures dipped and the predictions only showed colder and colder nights to come.

A group of volunteers searched for the dog as much as they could and only after 7 long days and nights they were able to find the dog trapped on a 2-foot-wide ledge. The poor dog had fallen off a “steep cliff” and landed on the ledge. But 7 days was not a short period and if not for the volunteers Luna could freeze to death.

Finally, the rescuers used a harness and pulled the dog to safety. Luna and her owner had a tuching reunion.

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