The veterinarian offered to euthanize the kitten with the face of an old man, but the owners gave him a chance.

Though for some animals euthanasia is the best solution this is not the case. Some animals suffer in the shelters as no one adopts them. Others suffer from a serious illness. And for such cases, euthanasia is the first thing that doctors advise as they can’t do anything else.

When Grandpa was born he was different from his other siblings in the litter. The poor kitten was born with a harelip and crooked hind legs, and a forked palate. Every time he drank water or milk he choked because of his palate.

But this was not the end as the cat had an unusual face with wrinkles and that’s why he got the name, Grandpa. His face was like an old man’s face.

So the owners took him to the veterinarian who told him that if they would keep him he needed attentive and long care if not euthanasia was the most humane option.

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