Watch How a Blind Rescue Cat Navigates His Daily Life in a Loving and Supportive Environment

Special needs animals are always adopted with great difficulty as many people find it too overwhelming to have such an animal at home. Maybe you should care for them more, but once you and your pet figure out a routine you will have no problem.

Don’t underestimate the disabled animals as their senses are heightened. Blind animals greatly depend on a routine. Keep the routine and they will quickly adapt to daily situations.

This blind rescued cat named Rudy is there to prove to you the whole truth about the disabled animals and their life. Amanda, his owner, could claim that Rudy help you and that all the people and animals are equal despite their disabilities.

She and her husband took Rudy home and didn’t regret at all. All the kittens of Rudy’s same litter had one or both of their eyes removed because of the infection. But after this Rudy’s eyes “were opened” in his new house where he felt what love, care, and attention was.

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