Policeman adopts 4-year-old girl after saving her from abusive home

In March Lieutenant Brian Zach, from Arizona, was in charge of an abusive case. But it ended well for him as he got the best gift ever in his life-2-year-old girl named Kaila.

When Zach first saw Kaila she had some bruises and internal injuries as she had been living in a violent home. But the girl conquered their heart of Zach at first sight.

Zach had other experiences of child abuse too and he even saw how a 13-year-old girl passed away because of human cruelties. He told that Kaila could have been in the place of this girl but God had other plans for her.

Their bond was not unnoticed by the othe rpolice officers and one of them offered Zach to foster the girl temporarily. Both Zach and his wife agreed at once. And this temporary visit of Kaila to tehir house became permanent and changed their life.

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