“Noodle” The Famous TikTok Dog Dies At 14

If you spend much time on TikTok then you will probably know the pooch named “Noodle.”

His owner Jonathan Graziano recently announced that the poor dog passed away. He announced the news in a very touching and devastating voice. he claimed that the dog made millions of people happy with his positive energy and the videos they share on TikTok.

@jongrazIt has been the privilege of my life to care for Noodle these past 7 years. The sweetest man there has ever been and will ever be. ❤️

♬ original sound – Jonathan

However, the dog kicked the bucket at the age of 14,5 and now is in doggy heaven.

Noodle became famous when his owner attempted to lift his dog and played “bones” and “no bones” with him.

@jongraz plan your day accordingly ??? #nobones #bonesday #noodletok #pug ♬ original sound – Jonathan

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