Adorable “Pocket” Кitty Is Happy Тo Finally Нave A Loving Home (8 Cute Pics)

The 11-year-old kid saved the life of a little kitty and gave her the desired home. The little one needed a foster home and soon found the best one.

Alyssa Smith (co-founder of the animal rights non-profit) told that though the kitten was 4 weeks old she was the size of 1 week old.

A 11-year-old boy and his mom wanted to help teh kitty and brought her home. But they hadn’t imagined how tiny she was until they took her in their hands. They named her Fluffy.

The little kitten became gaining weight as the family treated her very well.

She seemed to feel very comfortably with the other adopted cats too.

And the mother of the boy told taht she liked caring for other cats.

They were sure that Fluffy would become a perfect cat and were sure that she would find a forever home sooner or later.

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