The Daily Routine of a Blind Orange Dragon and Its Incredible Bond with a Human

Though it may sound odd even cold-blooded reptiles can make a special bond with human beings.

Mammals aren’t the only animals you can build a bond with. Fish, reptiles, insects, and other animal species can be your best friend, especially when you find a connection with them. Even cold-blooded reptiles make lovely pets. There are wonderful and heartwarming stories about humans having an incredible friendship with reptiles. Their species are often deemed dangerous and scary, but they are more than those personalities.

Alexey Kashpersky, a Ukrainian Creative Director at Newt Studios, can easily prove how these cold-blooded reptiles can be very warm-hearted soulmates.

He has an Iguana with a special condition. Tamerlan is an artificially produced iguana morph, who has not only a unique orange skin color but also is blind.

But these features mean nothing to its owner as he treats his pet with great love and acre.

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