Julia Roberts & Spouse Made It to 20 Years despite His Ex-wife’s Predictions & Are Now Sending Twins to College

It is accepted that Hollywood marriages don’t last too long. But Julia Roberts and her current spouse Daniel Moder recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

But the couple’s long relationship began with a scandal. Moder’s ex-wife Vera told that Roberts had been courting her husband while they were still married. And she also told that Moder had a “roving eye” and he wouldn’t change.

Roberts told that it was easy to blame but she was not the cause of their divorce. However, Roberts and Moder showcased taht they were truly happy and it was proved by 20 long years.

Recently the couple sent their twins to college.

Since the couple got married they had twins, Hazel and Phinneaus, born in 2004, turn 18 in November 2022, and their youngest son, Henry, was born in 2007 and turns 15 in 2022.

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