Family is nervous foster child won’t adjust, but then he meets their goldendoodle dog

Kari Lewis, a younger foster parent from Portland, OR, told me that fostering a child is one of the roughebut bt at the same time finest things in the whole world.

Kari thought that the boy would have some difficulties as he was new to the surrounding and people. But he had Reagan, an Australian Labradoodle, who solved the problem withing a few seconds.

When Buddy, a 11-month-old boy entered their house Reagan was 11 months old too. In February 2017, Buddy and Reagan were 3 years old and became inseparable friends for life.

True love: A boy and a dog - CBS News

Kari told that Buddy and Reagan dressed up in matching outfits, read together, and spend most of their time cuddling with each other.

Heartwarming Friendship Between Boy And His Dog | Bored Panda

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