23-year-old Kristina is a mother of 11 children and plans even more…

Have you ever thought about how many children you want? Just imagine having 11 children crawling, crying, and demanding your attention. Kristina knows how it feels perfectly as she is a mother of 11 at the age of 23.

Kristina Ozturk feels very happy and plans even more children in the future.

Kristina became a mother of her fisrt child Victorie when she was 17 years old. But you may have wuestions how she managed to becaome a mother of 11 after 6 years. So teh answer is one having twins, triplets, etc. But here we deal with another case

The couple turned to surrogacy and had so many children at once.

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Though kristina didn’t give birth to all of them she was still their mother and cared and loved them very much. They are a perfect family who plan to have many other children soon.

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