10 Animals That Hibernate During the Winter

Like people, many animals like to spend the whole winter in their cozy and warm “houses.” Though winter is like a fairy tale it brings various difficulties with it.

Many animals become immobile and can’t go out so they should stay in their nooks until the winter is over. That’s why they accumulate their food during the year and eat it while staying inside. Here are 10 animals that hibernate while winter is.

1. Bats

Bat roosting, hanging upside down

2. Bears

Bear standing in the snow

3. Box Turtles

Box turtle looking at camera

4. Bumblebees

Bumblebee eating on flower

5. Chipmunks

Chipmunk at attention on log

6. Fat-tailed dwarf lemur


Frog sits on greenery

8. Garter Snakes 

Garter snake rests on ground

9. Groundhogs

Groundhog rests on log

10. Hedgehogs

Hedgehog rests on stump


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