Meryl Streep reveals why she was “miserable” making her iconic movie

Meryl Streep revealed how she felt about her most famous role in The Devil Wears Prada.

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While watching the film you would probably think how “Devil” she was. It is because Meryl Streep acted perfectly and that earned her a host of awards including a Golden Globe and a nomination for an Oscar.

Meryl Streep so many years ago revealed that she had a special method while filming. She employed method acting while filming. So she was immersed in her role and acted as a “devil” boss during the whole process of filming.

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Ann Hathaway and Emily Blunt told that even when you would tell her one of the funniest jokes in the world the woman would act like a boss.

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So maybe this feature helped the famous actress bring fame to the movie.

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There is a great resemblance with Vogue’s boss’ attitude as she is also rumored as being a very unkind boss.

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