The baby has won beauty contests since she was 1, now she is 15 and this is how she has changed

Eden Wood participated in beauty contests from the cradle. She is very famous in the US as she won a beauty pageant when she was just 1 year old. The little one looked like a real-life barbie doll.

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At the age of 4, she was already a winner of 300 beauty contests for children. So her childhood was spent on stages of various beauty pageants.


During her childhood, Eden didn’t have time for games in the yard or friends, instead, she had many competitors.


Eden Wood's former manager to release Toddlers & Tiaras tell-all book *

At the age of 6, the little girl stopped to take part in these contests and decided to become a star.

The girl is ready to release her first album. Her mother remains her manager and helps her to make important decisions in her career.

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In 2018 the girl participated in the New York Fashion Week as a model.

Fashion Week — EDEN WOOD

Look what the girl looks like now.

Whatever Happened to Eden Wood from Toddlers and Tiaras?


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