The neighbors made fun of the family in cave: they came to visit and were speechless

People moved from caves to houses many years ago. But there are still families who like living in a cave-like house in the heart of a rock.

Angelo Mastropietro: a Q&A - Grand Designs Magazine : Grand Designs Magazine

Angelo Mastropietro was known as a “caveman.” He was fed up with the city smog living in a metropolis and wanted to live somewhere more interesting and enjoy the picturesque places.

My Space: Angelo Mastropietro, 'caveman' owner of "The Rockhouse"

Angelo fulfilled his dream when he was a grown-up. He remembered a place from his childhood where he used to play. The cave was inhabited by a family until the 1930s. Then the cave was sold at local auctions and Mastropietro decided to buy the cave and build his dream house there.

Angelo Mastropietro Spent $233,000 to Build His Dream Home in a Cave

According to experts, the log was 250 million years. Angelo bought it for 63 thousand pounds. Antonio spent £170,000 on renovation. However, the man did everything with his hands and the results were shocking. His neighbors were joking about his cave until one day they visited the caveman and were left speechless.


Antonio made everything in a very modern way and the exterior of the cave was marvelous. Antonio told that his last name means “owner of the stones” and it seemed that he fitted his name perfectly.

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